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Our browser extension adds a Bottle button into your social networks so you can easily send Bitcoin to friends, family, artists, charities and content creators!

Send your Bitcoin with a Lightning enabled wallet or use Bottle Pay to send direct from your Bottle account.

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We know that Bitcoin can be difficult to understand. We have designed our app with User Experience at the core.


Bottle automatically creates you a Bitcoin wallet linked to your social media accounts

You can start receiving Bitcoin instantly with zero setup

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Access your wallet by logging into Bottle using your existing social accounts

Send, withdraw or exchange your Bitcoin at any time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bottle is an app that aims to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone. We are doing this by completely redesigning the onboarding process. From everyone we've talked to over the years, the recurring issues with owning and using Bitcoin is the difficulty in acquiring it, storing it, and sending it. We have built an app to address all of those issues, abstracting away the need to understand the technicalities, in favour of a simple process that requires no account registration, no app downloads, and no technical setup.

Yes, this is what's known as a "custodial wallet" solution. In order to make the onboarding easy and as frictionless as possible we need to handle the collection and storing of Bitcoin on your behalf. However, you own the wallets you create in Bottle, and you are free to send these funds away from Bottle whenever you want. For the techies, we are going to offer a non-custodial solution where you can plug in your own nodes. Expect this feature very soon.

No you dont, we have created Bottle Pay which allows you to send Bitcoin directly from your Bottle wallet. In fact, you can use Bottle Pay to settle any Lightning invoice, direct from your Bottle wallet through our web app. There is no need for any external wallet app, wallet sync or even having to scan a QR code!

It's a question we get asked a lot, and it is an important one. Any account on the Web can be hacked, so it's important to enable good security practises to all the accounts you own. We leverage your existing social media accounts to prove your ownership over that account, only you can access your wallets. But if your account is compromised, then theoretically the hacker could access your funds. Therefore you should ensure you apply additional security measures in your social accounts, such as enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), enabling account lockout from unrecognised devices, etc. Also within Bottle, you can enable 2FA for sending Bitcoin, so only you can authorise the movement of funds from your device. Security is super important to us, we have done a lot of work under the hood to ensure your funds and your wallets are safe, and you can expect more features from us in this area.